javascript react typescript chakra-ui

GetintheLoop is a Kelowna-based company focused on expanding the audience reach and customer retention of local businesses. With franchises across Canada and in the United States, GetintheLoop has a strong presence in hundreds of cities, and works with thousands of businesses. Through their mobile application and web-based platform, GetintheLoop connects customers to local businesses with a variety of offers, punch cards, and exclusive deals.

During my tenure with GetintheLoop I worked extensively on the platform customer interfaces, including the administration portals and business dashboards, used daily by the internal team and the integrated business partners. Alongside other members of the engineering team, I implemented a complete overhaul of the GetintheLoop web application, upgrading it from Angular to use Next.js, React, and Chakra-UI. This had an immediate positive impact on customer engagement with the app, which translated to an uptick in completed offers and leads.

I implemented a redesign of the customer and business portals, updating the overall look and feel of the two primary interfaces used by customers on a daily bases. I also completed a long-term project to update and improve the user management interfaces across all user-facing clients.

Throughout my time at GetintheLoop, I was responsible for actively maintaining the existing web properties and applications, while developing new features and components. I led the effort to implement Typescript throughout our codebase, and to migrate away from the older unsupported component library to Chakra-UI.