SuperRewards was an online payment and rewards platform mobile for social games and websites. I began work at SuperRewards when it was owned by Playerize in Vancouver, as part of an internship program through Capilano University. From there, I became a full-time employee, and transitioned to as a remote employee when the company was purchased by the Austin-based rewards program. As a developer for SuperRewards I worked on all of the company’s products and features; the offer wall product, marketing website, client portal, and the internal administration portal. I created many new product features, including a video-only offer wall, a custom payments feature, and comprehensive lead-queuing system.

Unfortunately, the SuperRewards platform was discontinued at the end of 2019, and the associated apps and websites are no longer available.

SuperRewards Internal Admin Portal

SuperRewards internal administration portal

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SuperRewards Offer Wall

Rewards and Payment Platform

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SuperRewards Pay Page

Custom payments product

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SuperRewards Publisher Portal

SuperRewards publisher administration portal

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SuperRewards customer-facing marketing website

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