Pay Page

backbone javascript jquery vue php laravel

The Pay Page product was created to allow publishers to sell specific items or packages to the users, rather than sticking solely to virtual currency purchases. Using this product, a game could sell a player a special weapon, for example, or a package of items and currency. The Pay Page product used only direct payment options, and allowed the publisher to set a price in multiple currencies, to allow for cleaner currency conversions and a better user experience.

Pay Page used a JWT token to store the information, and encoded it using a secret key available only to the specific publisher; each token could only be used by the app that generated it, for one specific user. In addition, each token was limited by an expiration policy to ensure that only current offers may be completed.

Pay Page was created as an addition to the Backbone version of the offer wall, but alongside the overall refactoring of the system to use Laravel instead of the legacy homegrown MVC framework, it was rewritten from the ground up using Vue.js as a single-page application, querying the Laravel API on the back end.