Publisher Portal

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The Publisher portal was the site through which SuperRewards clients were able to manage their applications and integrations, view reports, and manage their payment details. The site was intended to be straightforward, intuitive, and easy to navigate, while maintaining all of the functionality necessary for the client to effectively manage their business.

During my tenure at SuperRewards I added a number of tools and reports to the publisher portal, including a single-offer loader which allows a publisher to create a standalone offer widget without having to implement the complete offer wall, a tax accumulation and reporting system, and a full redesign and implementation of both the signup process and the app creation process.

As part of a greater refactoring project to move the entire codebase from a legacy homegrown MVC architecture to a more modern PHP framework using Laravel, I rewrote the publisher portal using Laravel, Blade templates, and updated it from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4. These changes allowed us to eliminate a great deal of unnecessary legacy code, and resulted in a faster loading time across the board, as well as giving the whole site a visual facelift.